DAA© History
Digital Authority Australia was founded in 2018, Sydney Australia. DAA© is a company dedicated to establishing and developing industry leading business that support and enable digital transformation for government and enterprise markets of Australia.

DAA© Mission Statement
To develop, acquire and nurture businesses that enhance the digital technology experience in Australia, striving to transform technology markets by being innovative; futurist; disruptive; questioning norms; being most informed and best in market across all its subsidiaries. 

DAA© Aspiration and Future Targets
To achieve annual revenue growth of 250% year on year to align with our 2025 strategy. DAA© (through its subsidiary DTCOA© Digital Technology Council of Australia) intends to become Australia's leading technology advisory by the year 2022, ensuring digital technology policy (State and Federal) are aligned to the commercial interests of Australian business and its people. 

You can read more about DAA© subsidiaries in the links below.